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29th September to 15th October 2012

Importance of Pitripaksh : Pitripaksh Mela is being organised every year which starts from the day of “Anant Chaturdashi of Bhadra Suklapaksh according to the Hindi Calendar. This year the Mela starts on 29th September & will end on 15th October. This Mela is very important for religious, Mythological & Historical reason. Large number of Pilgrims belonging to Sanatan Hindu religions come to Gaya every year to offer “Pinda” for obtaing Moksh to their ancestors and for this reason offer “Pinda” & perform religions ceremonies on “Vedis” located at Vishnupad Temple, Falgu River, Akshaywat & Various other places. It is believed that performing “Pindadan” in Gaya in the “Pitripaksh” helps in attuning  Moksha to the soul of the ancestors.

Important Information Regarding the Arrangements in Mela Area Accommodation Facility : Accommodation facilities are available for the pilgrims in the House of Panda, Dharmashala, Hotels and in various Schools where the arrangement for Electric supply, Water Supply, Lighting, Hygiene is being provided by District Administration. The fee for accommodation in  schools is Rs. 10 per Pilgrim per 5 days of accommodation which is available in T. Model High School,  Mahavir High & Mahavir Middle School, Middle School Sahmir Takya, Middle School Akshaywat, Middle School Chand Chaura,  Haridas Seminary High School, Dharma Sabha Bhawan, Peer Mansoor Rood,  Ram Chandra Singh Vanmali Baba Kanya High School,  Zila School, Gaya, Anugrah Kanya High School, Anugrah Kanya Middle School. Middle School, Ghughritarn.

Vedis  in Gaya Town :- The important Vedis situated in and arround Gaya Town where Pilgrims could offer “Pinda” are as follows :-

 1. Vaitarni Kund    2. Bramha Sarovar      3. Rukmini Kund       4. Godawari Kund

 5. Ramshila          6. Ramkund                7. Dharmakund         8. Pretshila

 9.Gayasur           10. Falgu (Devghat)     11. Jihwalol               12. Dhwajpad 

13.Gayakup          14. Dharmaranya        15. Aadi Gaya           16. Akshaywat 

17. Kagwali           18. Gadalol                 19. Panchtirtha Vishnupad  

20. Bhimghula       21. Goprachar            22. Ramgaya               23. Sita Kunda      

24.  Mund Prashta 25. Uttarmanus (Pitamaheshwar)    26. Dakshin Manus (Suryakund) 

27. Bodhgaya  28. On some or all vedis of “Sarswati Vedi” according to the faith of the pilgrims.  

                     Special beautification work of Vishnupad Temple Premises and Falgu Devghat has been done by District Administration, Gaya and special care has been given on the cleanliness of Vedis in order to perform the religious ceremonies with  utmost purity & faith.

Traffic Arrangement :

(A) Bus facility : To provide transportation facility to the Pilgrims in Mela Period, District Administration has provided “Ring Bus service” through buses. Buses through different routes are available from all important locations for various destinations.


PITRA PAKSH MELA (Pinda Dan) 2012

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