In 1975, the Government of India has setup NATIONAL INFORMATICS CENTRE with a vision to weave the entire country into one single communication entity. It was entrusted with the responsibility of bringing about revolution in work ethos through propagation of Information Technology. 

NIC`s Satellite base computer-communication network, NICNET went into operation in 1988. National Informatics Centre is a premier organisation in the field of Information Technology (IT) in India. It provides state-of-art-solutions to information management and decision support requirements of the Government and the Corporate sectors at various levels. The IT   services provides by NIC range from conducting feasibility studies for computerisation, designing, developing and implementing computer-based information systems; to undertaking large turnkey projects. The services provided by NIC include devlopment of application software, systems software, database systems, distributed databasees, Networking, Electronic mail, EDI, Access to International Databases, CAD, GIS, Modelling, Expert Systems, Telematics , Office Automation Textbase Management System , Multi-Media system, Web site development and hosting, Vedio conferencing and training.


NICNET was designed and implemented by NIC using state-of-the-art satellite-based computer-communication technology. Keeping in view the wide geographic spread of the country, ranging from islands in Indian ocean to highest Himalayan ranges. The design of NICNET, which is one of the largest VSAT networks of its kind in the world, ensures extremely cost effective and reliable implementation.

NICNET Services:

·          NICNET, which presently has more than thousand Micro Earth Stations in operation, serving the Central Govt., State Govt. and other govt. organizations, provides the following services.


The Gaya District Unit of NIC was inaugurated way back in 1989. Since then it is working actively in tandem with the District Administration, Gaya for Computerisation of various schemes/projects. Starting from the scratch, NIC, Gaya has played a very crucial role in inculcating and nurturing the IT culture in the great land of Buddha.

Many IT projects have been undertaken from time to time since then. Some of the important projects implemented so far are as follows.

•  District Transport Computerisation Project

The District Transport Office, Gaya is fully computrised and all the receipts, fees collection and registration of new vehicles are done using Computerised System.


•  Public Distribution System

The S/W for public distribution system was designed & developed by this center as early as in 1993 and allotment of essential commodities like Sugar, Wheat, Rice and Kerosine Oil was being done using S/W for both rural area and urban area.

3. Holding Tax Information System (HITS)

A software for the Gaya Municipal Corporation was developed in the year 1996 itself. The three important modules of the software were Assessment of Holdings, Quarterly Bill Generation, and Revenue Collection. Preprinted Bills were used for the Billing Part and Payments were accepted at 30 identified Bank Branches. Bank Payment reconciliation was an integral part of this software. The said assessment data is still being used for current value assessment of the holdings prior to their registration.

4. Annapurna, Antyodaya & Laal Card

The compilation of data for Annapurna Yojana beneficiaries and BPL beneficiaries have been compiled and blockwise, dealerwise lists generated for actual lifting of commodities by the beneficiaries.

•  Treasury Computerisation Project

GAYA District treasury has been Computerised since the 1993 till March'2005 using offline S/W as designed & developed by this Center. Later on online treasury computerisation was taken up in April'2000 in the GAYA district treasury and only recently in April'2005 the Sherghatty sub-treasury has also been Computerised.

The S/W takes care of Token No. generation, bill entry, advice generation, objection entry and the printing of both payment receipt schedules, cash book, list of payment and monthly account for A.G., Bihar.

•  DRDA Computerisation Project

The allotment for all the ongoing rural development schemes, like IAY, IAY (Upgradation), PMGAY, PMGAY (Upgradation), BMS, SGRY, SGSY, NFFWP are done using the locally developed S/W. Furthermore, the monthly progress report of all the above schemes are also being generated on regular basis.

•  Commercial Taxes

The Commercial Taxes, Gaya circle has been computerized and STAMINA software for the dealer database, Challan entry, Return Entry etc. has been implemented in the year 2003-2004 itself. With the launch of VAT system in Bihar, another module VATKIS has also been added to it. Likewise, Commercial Tax, Gaya Division has also been computerized and division level compilation of data based on reports from all its circles are being done on monthly basis.


The Bazar Sammittee, Gaya has been computerized and using the most prestigious AGMARKNET S/W of NIC, the daily price report of commodities are being uploaded the portal on regular basis. The online countrywide market prices availability over net has been widely acclaimed by the farmers.

•  Pension Adalat

The monitoring of the department wise disposal of pension related cases (for retired Govt. employees) in monthly organized Pension Adalat effectively is being possible due to the computerization of the Cases.

•  Land Valuation (Registry Office Project )

The biennial fixation of land values of different types of lands like Dhanhar, Bhith, Residential, Commercial and Belagan, based on actual market prices extracted from original deeds is being done on regular basis for District Registry Office, Gaya & Sub-Registry Office, Sherghatty and Tekari using the S/W developed by NIC, Gaya.

•  District Provident Fund Computerisation

VAVISHYNIDHI software has been recently launched for preparing the GPF Account of nearly 25,000 Government Employees of the district. This software facilitates the generation of individual GPF slips based on both deduction statement for backlog years and based on GPF schedule data as entered through the online Treasury Software.

•  District Planning

For monitoring the progress of all the schemes taken up under the MPLADS, the NIC developed MPLADS Works Monitoring S/W is currently being used. All the monthly reports are being generated and the data is being uploaded to the MPI, GOI web server regularly.

•  Social Security Schemes

Block wise, Panchayat wise allotment of targets under National Old Age Pension Scheme, National Motherhood Benefit Scheme, National Family Benefit Scheme and Social Security Pension Scheme are done on regular basis. Based on these targets, block wise panchayat wise list of beneficiaries are also compiled accordingly, based on which the actual disbursement is done.

•  Land Records Computerization

The Land Records Computerization Project has been started very recently and entry of 1785 Raiyats of 24 Mauzas have already been entered. The data entry job is going on war footing.

•  Nayalaya ( D.M.'s Court Computerization)

District Magistrate's Court which include revenue, survey and ceiling matters, have been computerized. The court case monitoring S/W for this generate date wise cause lists, which is held twice in a week. Subsequent updations and head wise reports with disposal status are then generated. The next date of hearing is to be fixed up by software itself.

•  Arms License Monitoring System

A software for Arm's License Monitoring has been developed and implemented for the District Arms Section. The software keeps track of the licenses issued, due for renewal and transfer of arms which has proved to be of immense help to the Administration particularly during the election.

•  Class IV Candidate Selection Panel

Based on the large number of applications received for preparation of Class-IV employees selection panel against an open advertisement, using a computerized software is presently going on.

•  Establishment Database for Collectorate Employees

An exhaustive database of all the categories of employees under collectorate cadre viz. Assistants, Revenue Karmacharis, V.L.W.s and Panchayat Sewaks have been prepared. This database is to be used for promotion, transfer/posting and for other associated purpose.

•  3 rd Minor Irrigation Census

In the year 2004, the 3 rd Minor Irrigation Census data have been compiled and all required reports generated.

•  5 th Economic Census

Presently the Data Collection for the same is going on, whose compilation is to be taken up soon immediate thereafter.

•  Civil Court Computerization

•  The construction of Civil Court Computerization Site is ready and actual work is expected to start soon. Computer Systems are under installation phase.

•  The Video Conferencing Facility between the Civil Court and Central Jail, Gaya has been launched sometimes back for hearing of petty offences and V.C. sessions had been held on trial basis successfully.

•  Video Conferencing Studio

The State of the Art Video Conferencing Studio of NIC have been recently inaugurated and regular Video Conferencing Sessions using DAMA VSAT are being organized on requirement basis.

NIC District Computer Centre has implemented various projects, providing technical support & training to various State and Central Government Departments.

•  7 th all India Education Survey

Support provided to District Education officer for computerization of Urban/Rural School list for 7 th AIES Survey within the minimum time limit.

•  Election

All the previously held Lok Sabha Elections, Assembly Elections & Panchayat Elections in Bihar have witnessed the Gaya District unit working round the clock to provide all required information support to the District Administration and meeting the challenges thereon.